Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you do print work? Yes, I do  print book covers, e-Book covers, and web banners.


What if I have my own artwork? If you wish for me to you use specific artwork, pictures, custom fonts, or cover reviews provided by you, you MUST have permission to use them. Copyright infringement and plagiarism are against the law. Be aware, supposed "free" image sites often have copyrights attached to an image.  Since you will be purchasing the artwork, you will be legally responsible for the copyright infringement.  Any image you submit to me must be high resolution and large enough to manipulate. I reserve the right to refuse to use a photo if it is such a low resolution that it results in a substandard image.  Your book cover not only reflects you, but me as well, so I want to  make sure it's the best it can be.


What information do I need to provide to get started?

         * If you have a concept in mind, please outline your vision as clear and concise as possible.

         * Provide me with an estimated date of publication

         * A detailed synopsis

         * The final title

         * Any blurb you wish to have on the cover

         * Your pen name.

         * You are welcome to send me some samples of covers you have seen with the "vibe" you are looking for.  I will not be

           replicating the cover, only interpreting my own design from the visual.


 What if I'm not sure what I want?   If you aren't sure of what you want, I will interpret a design from your synopsis and send it to you for review.  Before you make the final selection, I encourage you to show it to anyone who will be influential in your final decision. Be sure it's the "one" before you give me the ok to proceed.  Once you have given me the thumbs up on particular cover, and I move forward with it, it belongs to you.


I've made my choice, and I am ready to move forward. what's the next steps: I will send you some sample covers based on the information you have provided me with. Will these samples be perfect? Far from it. At this stage, it's more about first impressions. What I will be sending you are rough drafts intended to get your gut reaction. In a perfect world, you will love them all, but we don't live in a perfect world.  Don't freak if none of them work 100% for you the first time out.  Once you've selected the cover you want to proceed with, I will give you instructions on how to purchase the necessary images and what sizes to get.


 I will need you to tell me what you liked and disliked about the ones I sent.  I will then create more sample covers based on the package you purchased.  I can't stress this next point enough. Be open to feedback. There are certain situations when I might recommend moving in a different direction if I feel the cover isn't working, or I can't manipulate the image the way you wish.  Remember, an e-book is a thumbnail image. Fancy scripted font is great in print, but not always clear in eBook formats. The clearer the image and font, the more attention your book will receive.


How long will it take? I will work on projects in the order in which they come in. I'm usually pretty quick, but sometimes life gets in the way.  It could take a few days up to several weeks depending on the complexity of the cover as well as the extent of the revisions.  Your patience throughout the process is greatly appreciated.


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